We are committed to our clients and partners who value our work and dedication. Much of our work is repeat business from past clients who we have developed a relationship of trust with over the years and wish to work with us on new projects.

Larry Rotta & Desi Santos
Owner’s Representatives, Deecorp Properties

It has been a pleasure to work closely with the Performance Construction team over the course of the renovation project located at 1333 Jervis Street. This was a challenging project for all involved, but in the end the project was ultimately a success and the owners are very satisfied with the finished product. The building, Oceancrest, provides condo quality living and for a greater number of tenants compared to what we initially started with. I trust that both the owners and Performance can be proud of this development. We look forward to working with Performance Construction in the future.

Kevin Urbas
Project Manager, GBL Architects

Performance have always evinced a high level of construction expertise, client oriented service to goals, quality and the ability to work with the many consultants required to see a challenging project to its conclusion. I have had, over the recent years, the opportunity to work with Performance Construction on some very technically difficult construction and would not hesitate to recommend their team.

Mark Smith
M.A., Executive Director, RainCity Housing and Support Society

RainCity Housing and Support Society has had the pleasure of working with Performance Construction on two developments to date.  The first was a 30 unit building and the second was a 92 unit building.  Both of these developments presented various challenges and incorporated progressive design features new to the industry – a smudge room in one of the locations and a bed bug “sauna” in the other.  Working with Performance’s team was a comfortable experience for us during some uncomfortable times.  As a non-profit our expertise is not in the design and development of housing projects, but in the running of them.  Performance was patient and supportive of us through this process.  My experience is that they are an honest, no B.S. outfit, attributes I much appreciate.

Deborah Goegan
Administrator, Rosewood Manor

We find Performance’s team of staff to conduct themselves professionally and with integrity. The project manager and his team are committed to the project, respecting the seniors’ needs that are currently residing here.  They are keeping the area clean and safe and looking for cost saving alternatives that also relate to quality work.  They are conscientious and diligent to our schedule. They are working with the architect, various engineers and sub-contractors with the client’s best interest in mind.  Regular meetings are being held to keep us informed of all situations. I highly recommend Performance Construction Ltd. and in particular this team to perform future construction projects.

Norm Chin
MAIBC, MRAIC, Associate, dys architecture

Our experience with Progressive Builders Ltd. was extremely positive. Progressive was committed to executing the project within budget and on schedule. They are a team of dedicated contractors and managers who are attentive to detail to ensure the client and its residents are provided with a well constructed home. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Aspha J. Dada
Owner, La Quinta Inn Vancouver Airport

Progressive’s team was always proactive, “hands on,” and thoroughly professional during all stages of construction. Progressive remained at all times very conscious of the construction timeline and maneuvered to ensure a timely completion. When interacting with third parties Progressive always conducted itself in the best interests of the owner. Their attention to detail in seeking competitive bids was impressive and their insistence on fairness when confronted with extras was appreciated. Often, Progressive’s team went beyond the scope of what was expected of them. Their project updates were timely and they showed a temperament that was calm and reflective. I can say with certainty that they were highly professional, committed, and extremely thorough. I would highly recommend them in the role of construction managers.

Bev Nielsen
BID, Nielsen Design

The design and execution of adaptable design features within strict budget constraints required endless hours of research for products and finishes which would meet the design requirements. Progressive was extremely committed to the goals of the project. Throughout the detailed design and construction process Progressive demonstrated sensitivity to the client’s and the design consultant’s needs. Their project management skills were evident in their ability to provide good communication between the design consultant and sub-trades when dealing with unusual requests. I highly recommend them in the role of construction managers.

Joan Cowderoy
Executive Director, CHIMO Crisis Services

It was a treat working with Progressive. They were highly knowledgeable, thorough, flexible, professional, and went out of their way to ensure that our interests on the project were met. They provided critical information and helpful assistance at key decision points during construction: particularly important because our collective experience in construction was so limited. In addition, they did everything possible to operate within extremely tight project timelines and to accommodate the externally imposed deadlines under which we were operating. I would recommend Progressive to any organization.

Heather Tremain
Partner, reSource rethinking

I was thoroughly impressed with the staff and management of Progressive throughout the entirety of the project. We were able to deliver a leading green building at affordable pricing because of the committed and skilled work of Progressive. Progressive was invaluable in the design phase, working with the team to provide input, and identifying opportunities for managing costs. During construction Progressive was very adept at anticipating and identifying challenges before they arose so they could be dealt with in a timely manner without construction delays. They took on the challenge completely and were invaluable in helping to find solutions when needed. I found Progressive to be highly trustworthy and honest in all their dealings with me. It was refreshing to have such a productive relationship. I have no hesitation in recommending Progressive Builders.

Fred Adab, Principal
F. Adab Architects

Sharif Senbel, Principal
Studio Senbel Architecture + Design

Darrell Epp, Principal
Darrell J. Epp Architect Ltd.

Charlene Kovacs, MAIBC, Sector Director
VIA Architecture Inc.

Walter Francl, Principal
Walter Francl Architect Inc.

Dan Paris, President and CEO
VanCity Enterprises Ltd.

Julio Gomberoff, Partner
GBL Architects

Jim O’Dea, Principal
Terra Housing Consultants Ltd.

Nizar Manji, Principal
Nijaf Developments, NiPro Developments

Stu Lyon, Architect
GBL Architects

Joffre Pomerleau, Executive Director
Innovative Housing Society

Craig Crawford, Development Services Director
British Columbia Housing Management